Non Tequila Sponsorship Level


Major Sponsor - $2,000


  8 Tickets to Event

1 Table/Space reserved for 8 attendees

          Banner on Main Stage

Recognition in all Advertisement Portals: TV, Radio, Print, Email, & Facebook

Direct Recognition of Distribution: Before, During, and After Event

          Full page ad in event program

Logo will be added to the Tacos & Tequila Event Page on website

          Logo will be added to flyers and posters to be distributed


Major Sponsor will need to provide Soledad Community Fiesta the following:


          JPEG Logo for advertisement and event program by March 15, 2013

Banner for Main Stage by April 12, 2013


Logo will be placed on website as soon as it is received. Final date logo is needed: March 15, 2013.  Please email logo to


*Payment must be received by March 30, 2013 to ensure receipt of all Sponsorship benefits


We ask all Sponsors to donate their product and/or any Memorabilia such as T-Shirts, Caps, Glasses for our Silent Auction. 











SPONSOR NAME:                    ______________________________________

SPONSOR ADDRESS:              ______________________________________


SPONSOR PHONE #:               ______________________________________

SPONSOR FAX #:                    ______________________________________

CONTACT NAME:                    ______________________________________

CONTACT PHONE #:               ______________________________________

CONTACT EMAIL:                             ______________________________________

SPONSORSHIP AMOUNT:       $_____________________________________

Silent Auction Item Description & Value        _____________________________





Delivery:      Item given to solicitor on ____________________________ 

Item available for pick up on     ____________________________

                             Donor will deliver                      ____________________________



____________________________                  __________________________

Signature Sponsor                                      Signature Soledad Community Fiesta


____________________________                  __________________________

          Print Name & Date                                                  Print Name & Date


Please mail sponsorship to: Soledad Fiesta Days P. O. Box 1326 Soledad, CA 93960

IRS tax-exempt Section 501C (4) organization TIN 77-0314050

CONTACTS: AIDE WALTER (831) 905-6308 or